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For adventure lovers!
If you are looking for some thrill in Japan, or this is your 2nd or 3rd time to visit japan
Join us with our attractive tours. We will take you to hidden places where you can
Explore more about Japan. You can also enjoy lots of outdoor activities with us.
Such as the hidden Path of Zen, living Buddha and Yamabushido etc.
They are all performed in Yamagata, north of japan.
Enjoy sports and nature sports such as
Ski or snowboard etc. in Hokkaido, one of the best places for winter activities
Experience the mesmerizing sunrise view on top of Mount Fuji
Trekking through the land of natural beauty, Hokkaido
Cycling Awaji Island & Shiraishi and Miyagi Zao
Enjoy summer experiences such as Pleasure at Waterfall slide in Gunma, rafting at Okutama,
Canyoning & kayaking in Hakuba
Snorkeling & Dive in clear tropical ocean and swim with the fish in Okinawa
So, you can experience simple and exotic Japanese culture with the Oshin Tours!