For Business travelers!
We provide admirable tours and programs for companies and organizations to take part in meetings, conferences, incentive and seminars and events.
We plan, book and facilitate your conferences, seminars, and other events by provide and arranging facilities such as convention centers, exhibition halls, hotels, unique venues, and MICE-related services such as interpretation or translation, PCO (conference / conference management), equipment rental, catering, booth setup, etc.
If you have a desire to organize a team outing for your company’s employees or you looking to organize a big event based on the latest technologies and innovations in your field, participating in case studies and Exhibitions, let us know and We will help you book your itineraries.
Business travelers can find convenience, loyalty value and pleasure in their trips with The Oshin Tours

As of now, there is not any MICE tour available due to restrictions of Covid-19 Pandemic.
We will update you soon. Please contact us in case of any inquiry.