We are not the biggest!
We are the best!

We are a young tourism company in Japan focusing on Inbound Tours.
We started our business in 2018 under the name of “The Oshin Tours”.

Have you ever heard about Oshin?

Oshin is the story of a Japanese girl born in a very poor rural family in Japan, who through hard work and perseverance eventually triumphs over pain and adversity to achieve fame and success. It was one of the most famous Japanese dramas in Asia especially in the middle east.
In the beginning, we were concentrating on middle eastern countries such as Iran, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain Etc. Inspired by the world-famous Japanese drama Oshin, we named our company “The Oshin Tours”. Like Oshin was patient and kind to her customers and was serving them to the best of her abilities, The Oshin Tours also makes you available polite, friendly and helpful staff who put in their best efforts.
Our tours cater to all walks of life and are especially focusing on VIP Tours.
VIP Tours include extravagant hotels, such as the rooms that ministers or high officials of countries have stayed. We provide luxury car transfers with the best drivers and guides, and fancy tours such as helicopter and cruise tours with the elite services and flexible schedules. Native language speaking guides also will be provided. You feel secured and relieved in whole your trip.

The most original contents of our tours are cultural experiences.
Cultural Experiences include experience of traditional arts such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement. Adventure experiences such as Japanese Martial arts of fencing & archery, Samurai, Ninja experience, and some Zen and meditation experience like sleeping in shrine and Yamabushido. Yamabushido is an authentic experience of getting away to the mountains and refreshing your mind, body and soul in its traditional way. Japanese food & sweets making experience also can be provided by The Oshin Tours.
All these tours are conducted in different areas in different seasons.

We also provide halal tours considering the requirement of halal food and prayer time and respecting Islamic culture etc. for Muslims.

For people who want to travel with reasonable cost we suggest Economy Tours. Reasonable 3- or 4-star hotels and transfers with trains and public transportations, with online support guides are the Unique Selling Proposition. When the guide is not accompanying you, you can reach out to the guide online by calling or messaging them, whenever you need any help, or you have any question by using the data Sim cards delivered on the day of your arrival in Japan.

After all We offer a tailor-made tour exclusively for you.
We can design your customized tour exactly matches your requirements and preferences.
We can also arrange a tour that includes many activities and locations as possible,
or incorporate some relaxation and free time to explore on your own time.
Please let us know, if you or your customers are interested in visiting Japan and we will do our best in planning your trip and offer you the best deals in the industry.

The history and growth of The Oshin Tours

A word from our CEO
I am a Japanese born in Tokyo. I was bored and tired of living in Japan after my efforts in several fields ended in failure and wanted to visit other countries and try living there. I have been to many amazing countries. After trying to live there and gaining experiences I found out that Japan is one of the best destinations to live and travel. There are a lot of original, traditional and technical concepts which I’m very proud of and I want to introduce them to the people in the whole world. Marrying a person from another country also broadened my horizons to consider the point of view of other nationals, religions and races.
Therefor I established The Oshin Tours to introduce the most eternal beauty of Japan to people, considering their needs and issues. Showing the hidden sides of Japan to overseas people and introducing the spiritual world to them, makes them discover a new version of themselves. Although there are several services available for Muslims in Japan, few people are aware of that. We will introduce hotels and restaurants which cater to Muslim people’s requirements and you do not need to worry about Halal issues in Japan.

We would be grateful if you choose Japan as your destination.
Many breathtaking sceneries and exciting experiences await you here in Japan.

Core Team details

C.E.O Takashi Hirokawa

  • Favorite place :
    Tokyo, Kanagawa, Okinawa
  • Favorite food :
    Noodle, Sushi, Wagyu
  • Hobbies :
    Travel and playing games

C.S.O Shahran Ishino


  • Favorite place :
    Hokkaido, Okinawa(Ishigaki)
  • Favorite food :
    Sushi, Yakiniku, Om-rice
  • Hobbies :
    Travel, Drive and Movies

C.M.O Parinaz Hirokawa

  • Favorite place :
    Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka
  • Favorite food :
    Sushi, Yakiniku
  • Hobbies :
    Travel and Party