Geisha Restaurants in Kyoto

Kyoto is the heart of Japan’s Geisha world. Elegant Geisha and Maiko can be seen walking Hanamikoji Street, the main street of Gion district in Kyoto.

Meeting a Geisha or Maiko is a memorable experience during your trip to Japan.

Young ladies, usually from 15 to 20, train for about five years to become Geisha. They are called Maiko during this period.

Geisha are professional entertainers. They are trained in traditional Japanese arts such as dance and music etc. They also entertain the guests by talking to them.

Some restaurants organize Geisha or Maiko dinner in public or private rooms.

In private rooms there is one Geisha who serves you food and you can freely communicate with her. In public rooms, there are several Geisha with a small group of people, and they demonstrate dancing and also play some games with the guests.